Price: $200,000

Suzuki released the 1300cc Hayabusa in 1999 and followed it up with the AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa in 2008. Easily capable of reaching speeds of over 188 miles per hour, the Hayabusa claimed the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle, a distinction it still holds to this day. It probably would have shot for more ways to destroy roads, had it not made nannies in Europe overly nervous to slap a street-legal speed limit of 186 mph for anything that shows movement in the road with something resembling two wheels.

But behind a man’s passion for a motorbike is the heart of a rebel, and the phrase “fastest production motorcycle” is a dead giveaway for the rebels to push the performance of the Hayabusa even more. Going with technical modifications and replacing as much part with carbon fiber did the trick, never mind the new sky-high price tag that went with it.

Experts hail the Hayabusa’s all-around performance, citing how it does not drastically compromise other qualities like handling, comfort, reliability, noise, fuel economy or price in pursuit of a single function


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