The Invicta brand has been around since 1837. As one of the older of the Swiss brands, the Invicta takes great pride in being a keeper of tradition and excellence. All of their watches not only adhere to current regulations governing quality and authenticity of what it is to be “Swiss Made,” but they push the envelope of excellence with every watch that they produce. They’re not shy about it too. They produce flashy collections that just flat out shows off how good they are with making watches.

This entry is probably one of the more “out-there” watches you’ll ever see. It’s in no way formal nor elegant (unless you’re sporting green hair and wearing a purple suit), but it is crazy fun! It’s the Joker – as in Batman’s arch nemesis. Invicta has turned the Clown Prince of Crime into an eye-catching, all metal, green, silver, and purple timepiece. The dial is a grinning Joker’s face with red, yellow, and white accents. You can probably pull off this look in all casual situations, every day wear or heck – do what Mr. J would do and wear it with your most formal of purple (or otherwise) suits.


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