Bimota power the DB7 with the spectacular World Superbike dominating Ducati Testastretta Evoluzione engine. Ducati, a partner of Bimota from the beginning, has developed the Testastretta into the world’s most powerful and dominating production twin cylinder, while retaining all the advantages of the L-Twin configuration. Carbon fibre throughout, offering the ultimate combination of strength and light weight. The Oronero is an exciting evolution of an absolute masterpiece featuring arguably the most intriguing, technically advanced chassis ever to harness a Ducati 90-degree V-Twin: correct steering geometry and anti-squat characteristics, generates balanced weight within the same wheelbase as top end superbikes. Seat height is just 80cm, an outstanding achievement on a sportbike so compact, and the saddle is pushed as far forward as possible for a short reach to the clip-ons, very comfortable for the power output.

At a certain level of aggression, this Bimota is so incredibly responsive and surefooted with supreme agility and stability, a sweet feeling of near invincibility.

A touch of exclusiveness that sets you apart in any crowd.


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