The Galápagos Islands are a popular destination for a much needed vacation, with everyday cruising vessels transporting travelers from island to island, but how many can state that they have been on a Royal restored yacht?

The boat in question was gifted to Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco at their wedding in 1956. The princess used the present to entertain guests of important stature with day-long excursions on the Mediterranean. After the ship was sold, it fell into obscurity, until it resurfaced in 2006 and was acquired for Galápagos expeditions. The refurbishing work was extensive, but the boat proved to have a timeless design.

The restored yacht fits about 25 guests and the public spaces allow for a consistent flow from one room to the next. As a smaller vessel, the Grace allows for a much more personal experience with the volcanic archipelago and the agenda features kayak tours, snorkels and guided hikes.


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